We organize, structure and provide advice and counsel to corporations, limited liability companies and limited partnerships. We handle executive employment, executive departure, key employee incentive plans (option plans for corporations and profits interests for limited liability companies) and employment, non disclosure and invention assignment agreements for the rank and file. We handle technology, trademark and other IPlicensing agreements. Our assignments cover a wide range of industries and transactions, including:

  • representation of Swedish owners of a US software designer, developer and marketer in connection with its on-going software licensing and finance issues
  • corporate governance counsel for investors/managers of an investment firm in connection with its investment in a California biotechnology company
  • corporate work for an investor in a company that uses a novel, patented process to color hair naturally and safely using common dietary supplements and food ingredients
  • pro bono representation of an audit committee of a 501(c)(3) nursing home that provides services to Medicaid and other needy folks in Winter Park, Florida